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The National Development Plan (NDP 2030) places significant importance on the development small business as a key driver of job creation and economic growth. It envisages that for a growth level of 5% in annual GDP, SMMEs must contribute between 60% - 80% of economic value. It is with this growth target in mind that programmes that seek to empower and assist small businesses attain growth and sustainability are of high importance and find resonance in South Africa. Equally as important is bearing in mind the skewed inequality levels among the diverse racial groups in the country. That is why the attainment of empowering and giving economic opportunities to black owned SMEs is most important as we address the stubborn threats of poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

DMF Projects is a company based in Sasolburg, in the Free State Province, that provides mechanical engineering, electrical, maintenance and supply services to state-owned entities and government departments. The company completed the Seriti Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme and is now poised to expand into the private sector.

Siyazizwa Investments Holdings is a SETA-accredited artisan training provider that is based in Sasolburg, in the Free State Province. The company was established in 2012, and is currently run by Managing Director Ricardo Hood, who recently took over the company from his father.

Zevoli Scoop May ’22

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Zevoli Scoop. We have come alive! This is a quarterly newsletter that will be distributed to our clients (past, present and future).

Mosodu Construction & Projects is a black-owned construction and construction maintenance company, based in Emalahleni, Mpumalanga. Having completed the Seriti Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme in 2021, the company is now on a firm footing and positioned for future growth.

While Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) has played a critical role in the development of many Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs), dependency on a single dominant industry in rural communities has left many SMMEs caught in a trap of survival. Agriculture and mining are historically predominant industries in rural South Africa. Prioritising the exploration of large areas of South African land for natural resources to mine has restricted access to available land for agricultural purposes, shrinking the diversity of value chain industries in which SMMEs need to operate.

Brainwave Primary Cooperative is a Standerton-based entity that provides mechanical and auto-electrical maintenance services to mines in the Mpumalanga province. Having completed the Seriti Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Programme in 2021, the company is now better positioned to deliver on a large, multi-year contract.

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) in rural and peri-urban areas has largely been under-prioritised. With most corporate ESD initiatives focusing on Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in close proximity to metropolitan hubs, many promising SMMEs in rural or peri-urban areas have been overlooked.

Our guiding principles

Zevoli opened its doors in 2014 and we expeditiously evolved our services to where we find ourselves today as one of SA’s leading 100% black women owned Enterprise and Supplier Development advisory and Project Management firms. This inevitably led not only to a change in the way we look, but also to a curiosity to revisit our vision, mission and purpose.

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