ICT ESD Programme

The National Development Plan (NDP 2030) places significant importance on the development small business as a key driver of job creation and economic growth. It envisages that for a growth level of 5% in annual GDP, SMMEs must contribute between 60% – 80% of economic value. It is with this growth target in mind that programmes that seek to empower and assist small businesses attain growth and sustainability are of high importance and find resonance in South Africa. Equally as important is bearing in mind the skewed inequality levels among the diverse racial groups in the country. That is why the attainment of empowering and giving economic opportunities to black owned SMEs is most important as we address the stubborn threats of poverty, inequality, and unemployment.

Zevoli Plug, Sept ’21

Sept ’21: ASENTI 2021 is designed as a premier impactful virtual business summit that will bring together 500+ delegates and over 30+ speakers from across Africa and globally, 30 countries and over 50+ investors and investing companies globally.