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We have come alive.

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We unlock SME diversity and inclusion

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We are growth catalysts.

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We drive sustainable growth and shared success

Zevoli Growth Partners assists corporates and MSME to unlock ‘shared value’ through custom built small business development programmes and initiatives that create the create the gateway to sustained participation in the formal economy for the selected MSMEs.

We focus on MSMEs in rural, peri-urban and township areas, geographies where MSMEs often struggle to transition from development to access to markets as suppliers of corporates with a local presence in the communities in which they operate.

Zevoli is a Level 1 B-BBEE 100% black female owned enterprise that has been operating since 2014.

We love what we do

We improve the standards of living through providing MSMEs with access to development and procurement opportunities.  We achieve this by assisting our corporate clients with various ESD services. 

The services that we provide to our corporate clients enable us to support MSMEs on our ESD programmes with a full spectrum of Business Development Support services.

We are great to work with


Through the appropriate design and implementation of corporate ESD programmes, we ensure success by catalysing the growth of MSMEs; and helping them evolve into sustainable going concerns who qualify for tangible procurement opportunities thus ensuring corporates achieve their supplier diversity objectives.


Our primary purpose is to improve the standards of living for MSMEs that operate in the peripheries of the formal economy by providing them with access to both development and supply chain opportunities.

Our Guiding Principles

Reach and Inclusion

We use a holistic approach to an inclusive economy where high potential, early stage, rural and peri-urban MSMEs receive the support they need.


We enable opportunities for MSMEs to become part of the economic mainstream by participating in the formal economy.

Order and Simplicity

We innovate with tools and processes to simplify hybrid ESD programme implementation complexities.


We enable MSMEs and local communities to prosper independently by building relevant local supply chains.

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